CrockPot French Onion Soup

I think anyone on a diet or who is trying to eat healthier has tricks and tips on how to curb cravings and squash those mid-afternoon (or midnight) cravings. My secret weapon is homemade soup. I find that having a cup or so of vegetable-dense soup on hand helps me get more vegetables and is a great way to keep myself from overeating when I’m really hungry. If I eat a bowl of soup while the rest of my dinner is cooking, I am less likely to gorge myself. It’s also great to heat up some soup while I’m waiting for Ryan to get home from class and it sounds like there is a monster in my tummy. I typically make some variation of zero POINTS veggie soup, but I really wanted something different this time.

I always have a ton of onions in my kitchen and add them to practically everything so when I came across this recipe on crockpot365, I just had to make it. I really like french onion soup, but I find it can be hit or miss. I’ve never tried making it at home, and this seemed like a good recipe to test out for my first time. I can’t believe how easy it was; it took less than five minutes to get into the CrockPot, and then my work was done. I did make one swap: the recipe calls for white wine or sherry, but I used dry red wine since I had some leftover from the Beef Stew with Orange.

My apartment smelled awesome while it was cooking away. Even Ryan, who hates soup and has merely learned to tolerate onions since we moved in together six months ago, thought it smelled divine and opted to try a little bit. While he still couldn’t get over the whole “hot liquid” thing, he said the flavor of the soup was good, and I think it was incredible. It was a perfect blend of sweet, savory, and onion. I will definitely make this again and would be happy to serve this as a meal to guests with crusty bread and melted cheese, but it was also fantastic on its own. Four stars.

CrockPot French Onion Soup

3 tablespoons light butter
2 medium Vidalia onions
4 cups fat free, reduced sodium beef broth
¼ cup dry red wine
½ tablespoon sugar
½ teaspoon salt

Turn your CrockPot to high, and put the butter in to start melting.

Slice the onions into thin rings.

Break up the onion slices, and mix them with the melted butter.

Add the beef broth, sugar, salt, and wine.

Cook on high for 6-8 hours or low for 10-12.

Source: crockpot365
4 servings | 2 POINTS


April 27, 2009. recipes.


  1. connie b replied:

    I love french onion soup! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Allison replied:

    That sounds so good! I will definitely be making this!

  3. Cate O'Malley replied:

    I made a crockpot split pea soup last week, and was just about to start looking for my next crockpot recipe. I’ve never made French Onion Soup before, but this one is next – thanks!

  4. RobinSue replied:

    Yes I agree soup can fill you up and keep you on track with healthy eating. I even like it for breakfast. I love that this soup can be made in the crock pot it is my husband’s favorite!

  5. Liz replied:

    Cate- I’ve been thinking about trying split pea soup; the one on your blog looks yummy – I think I’ll try it soon!

    RobinSue- I never thought about soup for breakfast, but that’s a great idea, especially in the winter.

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