Last week was incredibly hectic around here. Nothing on its own was all that substantial, but when it all piled up on me, I felt extremely overwhelmed. I’m sure we have all been there before, right?

I can’t honestly remember the last time I cooked a meal or we ate something that didn’t come out of a box or some type of fast food bag. For the most part, that is really only problematic for me since I’m the one who suffers the discomfort associated with eating too much junk food (watch “Super Size Me” if you don’t understand what I mean here). Even as far as this blog is concerned, I typically have a few recipes lined up, waiting in the wings, so if I haven’t made anything good in a while, I can pull them out.

The problem is that last week, in my non-cooking state, I missed a Craving Ellie in My Belly recipe that I was really looking forward to! Though I hate the name of them because I can’t help but immediately think of fish with fingers, I had been anticipating the Crispy Fish Fingers that Anne at Rainforest Recipes chose since I first saw them listed as an upcoming recipe. I am so bummed that I didn’t make them (yet), especially after seeing all the awesome pictures my fellow CEiMB bloggers posted.

I will most certainly make this recipe at some point, but in the meantime I have no recipe to share today. I highly recommend you visit some of the CEiMB blogs to get your fill of yummy-looking recipes (all their blogs can be found in my links column to the right). Since I’m not posting a recipe, I will leave you with something else sweet because every post needs a picture AND there is just no way you can resist his cute little face. This is my dog, Irving.



June 1, 2009. recipes.

One Comment

  1. applec replied:

    Oh so adorable! I wish Irving could meet Shane. They would have a blast.

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