Love is in the Air

I apologize in advance for the grainy, dark cell phone picture. I woke up one morning, after Ryan had gone to work, to find all my boys laying around me. As to not disturb them by trying to get up for the real camera, I snapped this one with my phone. That’s Irving in the front there, you’ve all met Oskar before, next to him is Sinatra, and the lump that Irving’s head is resting on is me. I can’t say this is how I wake up most mornings (it’s usually just me and Irving), but this is, for the most part, how we go to bed every night (with Ryan too, of course). It is both stifling and heartwarming.

Lots of people have a no pets on the bed rule, and, honestly, sometimes I wish we had enacted that as well. Oskar always comes to lay on me right before I’m comfortable, and then I feel like I can’t move. Sinatra lays on top of the blanket so we play tug of war all night, and Irving waits until we’re ready to go to sleep to start licking his paws. It can be frustrating to say the least. But then I wake up one cold morning, and they’re all curled up against me, and everything seems right with the world. In those cuddly, quiet moments, I cannot even begin to imagine my life without them.

To me, that is what Valentine’s Day is all about – recognizing those loved ones that make your life what it is. It doesn’t have to be about candlelight or champagne, chocolate hearts or jewelry. In fact, I would argue that the best gestures are the heartfelt ones free of all cliches. I hope you all feel as loved as I do, today and always. Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 14, 2010. recipes.

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