CSN Stores Gift Card Giveaway!

Are you familiar with CSN Stores? If you read many blogs, you have probably come across the name more than once because they have an awesome relationship with bloggers of all genres and are constantly offering up fantastic giveaways. In case you haven’t had the chance to check out the site, I highly recommend heading over there now; CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from nesting tables to fantastic fitness equipment to cookware!

I am happy to announce that CSN Stores has given me the opportunity to offer one of my readers a $20 gift card to use in any of their stores! Exciting, yes? The winner will be able to put the gift card towards a larger purchase or receive some things free. If it were me, I would definitely be browsing cookware.com.

Maybe I could finally replace the pot Oskar knocked to the ground, denting the edge of it so that it has become an anxiety-producing event to try to take the lid off boiling water.

Or maybe I could trick out my KA stand mixer.

Or perhaps I would take the opportunity to expand my knife collection.

But enough about me. What would you buy?

Visit one or more of the CSN Stores and leave a comment telling me what you would spend the gift card on if you win.

Thanks to CSN Stores for providing this awesome giveaway to my readers. This contest is open to US & Canadian Residents only. There may be shipping charges or in the case of Canadian readers, international fees, for certain products.

I will randomly select one winner on Wednesday, October 20, 2010. Good luck!


October 11, 2010. recipes.


  1. Margaret replied:

    How fun that you are having a give-a-way. I have been to their site often. I could really use some new silverware. Still using what got when married in 1973.

  2. Mary Jenkins replied:

    I have my eye on the Paula Deen cookie pan!

  3. Laura replied:

    I would love a pasta maker attachment for my ka stand mixer!

  4. Rachel in NC replied:

    I would definitely spend it at cookware.com, maybe on a KA attachment.

  5. Lindsey replied:

    Okay, I must live under a rock because I’d never heard of CSN.com–but wow, did I have fun browsing! Of course it’d be for something in the kitchen–bakeware is my weakness, but I could desperately use some organization/canisters, as my pantry is a nightmare…

  6. Joanne replied:

    We need new bed linens. The CSN stores have some nice ones.

  7. Jenn replied:

    Great giveaway! I would probably use it towards decorative items for my home. =)

  8. Bri replied:

    Ooh, I just went and looked at the cookware, and it’s a tough decision! I’m thinking I’d spend it either on a tart pan or a mini-bundt pan. Both are things I want but don’t want to buy for myself!

  9. kelly replied:

    I would like to add to my Rachael Ray collection.

    The lasagna pan looks about right:)

  10. janet replied:

    If I win, I may finally treat myself to an Ebleskiver pan, or an ice cream maker, or if I am really bad a slow cooker. ;)

  11. Elenna replied:

    I’d would get the La Cafetiere Optima 3 Cup Cafetiere in Chrome Plated if I won!
    Elenna {AT] sbcglobal [DOT] net

  12. Krissie replied:

    I think I would get the Pipka Santas Santa & the Christ Child Figurine or Christmas Tree Ornament
    CalifKitties (AT) aol.com

  13. Liz M. replied:

    I would buy a new chef’s knife. My knife set randomly has an empty space–that’s just how it comes, 17 slots and 16 utensils–and I’m sick of looking at it, plus we could use two chef’s knives anyway! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Jen replied:

    I’m in love with the Rachel Ray Bubble and Brown Stoneware Baking Dishes, so I’d probably get some of those! I love the bright colors :)

  15. Erin replied:

    I could really use some new knives. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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